The ETF Think Tank™ & Innovation  Lab (the TANK) provides members with one-on-one due diligence research calls with fiduciaries/financial professional and ETF issuers. The 30-60 minute interactive research calls are deep dives into index construction, ETF positioning and portfolio strategy and are hosted by a ETF Strategist.  Members who wish to Book a due diligence discussion should login and go to the booking area. To become a member we require a brief ETF Think Tank™ introductory call to be scheduled in our "Book a Discussion Area". (See ETF Think Tank™ Intro -Web Appt to the right))

ETFs globally provide access to over $5 Trillion of investment solutions. In the U.S., ETF flows in 2018 were $316 Billion and Assets Under Management were $3.4 Trillion. Security analysis across  the ETF market is important because it enables financial professionals to access innovative and dynamic investment solutions. It is for this reason that growth in revenues of the combined categories of active and non-traditional grew to 41.49%  from 37.3%. As beta becomes commoditized and free, more investors and fiduciaries are looking towards a more “core - satellite approach”. Members in the Tank benefit by access to complimentary analytical tools  that provide factual fundamental data packaged in a proprietary format for ease of caparison.

ETF Due Diligence Discussions will be changing throughout 2019, but examples in the First Quarter include: 

  • Capturing disruptive themes (that are changing the world) in 2019.
  • Building risk management into a portfolio with defensive strategies.
  • Insights into industries and sectors that are undergoing change.
  • Income solutions for changing times.
  • Looking for protection from volatility.
  • Ideas for investors looking beyond the U.S..
  • Impact & ESG investing with a twist.
  • Alpha seeking core solutions for investors looking for a differentiation.

    Members can also schedule a due diligence call or receive a quick comparison between ETFs on a fundamental basis by emailing  Dan Weiskopf at


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